Have you heard about the news these last few days? About the prophecy of Sadhu SundarSelveraj,an Indian missionary, on Pangasinan, Philippines? It goes viral on the internet these last few days in social media like facebook, youtube and even in twitter as well as in some newspaper. This is about the skin disease that will come from Pangasinan and will spread all over the world. Take note, this disease has no cure based on the prophecy(come to think with it, its like the end of the world, right?). Many Filipinos,especiallyPangasinense, got bothered about this prophecy because before, there is this prophecy that earthquake will occur somewhere in Visayas Region and it happen in Bohol. Another is the prophecy that Central Visayas will hit an unusual tragedy, or unusual super typhoon and again, it happen in Visayas particularly in Leyte, Eastern Samar and Tacloban City.