Hi Friends,

It's been awhile and I've wanted to bring this up, but wasn't sure how to. It's a topic that's not usually talked about. I'm not sure why.

I'll ask, nicely, may I? May I ask you to put something in your profile or bio?

I'd love to read them. I do always read the ones that have them.

It's discouraging to me, as a person, so see that "no bio" in that space.

So, I'm asking you, as a friend, as a fellow member, if I may, to please fill it out, if only just a little bit?

It doesn't have to be terribly personal or anything - just something.

Something about you, so others can know you a little better.

Would you do that, if I may ask? I'd so appreciate it, if you did and I know others would, as well.

This is my challenge to you all, if I may. Would you fill out your profile? Not because I'm nosy, just because I'd love to know you, just a little better, than I feel I do now.

Thank you for your consideration. Whether you do or not, I'll still read what you've written and hope to be a good friend, even if I don't know a thing about you.

It would be much easier on all of us, if you'd take a few moments to fill it out, though.

Profile, please?

Thank you,

M. Nicholson 2013 Image, Credit to: http://cooltext.com/

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