If you happen to be at Lake Tenkiller in Northeast Oklahoma, you will want to be sure to stop in for lunch or dinner at Princess Drive-In Restaurant. Just north of Cookson in the Flintridge area, the family owned restaurant has fast, friendly service, and delicious food.

They serve home-style food made to order. Menu choices are plentiful from a good old-fashioned hamburger to a sirloin steak. I am not a fish fan, but I am told the all you can eat catfish dinner is tasty too. My personal favorite is the French dip sandwich with savory au jus. For those seeking a healthier choice Princess serves fresh salads and lettuce wraps.

Their sides are made fresh daily, and they are served in large enough portions that don’t leave you needing more. Freshly breaded onion rings, hand cut fries, and even seasonal selections such as fried green beans can be found on the menu.

In my opinion, the best part of any meal is the dessert, and boy do they aim to please. Princess Restaurant serves soft serve ice cream, pies and cobblers. My personal favorite are the strawberry and blackberry cobblers served warm with vanilla ice cream on top. The crust for all the pies and cobblers is made in house by the owner, and as a general rule this is my least favorite part of pies, but these crusts even I love, so delicious!

The menu is prices are slightly above average, but not out of the question, considering the food is so good and the service is exceptional.

Photo Credit: Jacque Cialone

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