Prince has been pretty quiet the last few weeks even though he and his all girl band, 3rdeyegirl have been tearing up the United States and other countries with their Live Out Loud tour. They have sold out venues everywhere and it is no wonder why: Prince has been extremely happy, prolific and inspired. Prince recently stated that since being around these younger ladies, they have been able to inspire his writing and most importantly... his guitar playing.

Donna Grantis, his electrifying guitarist, has been able to hold her own alongside the hit maker himself. He likes that she is able to do her part so that he can spend more time doing what he does best... playing solo's. The other two females, Hannah Ford and Ida Nielson have been rock solid in every performance. Hannah is one of the very best drummers on the planet... not to mention one of the hottest! Ida is the bass player who can play as funky as the Purple One himself!

Together, it is no wonder why this group have been on fire this year... starting off with the new website, Prince earning the Icon award from Billboard and the start of their new tour. It is only going to get better as word on the street is that Prince is close to releasing a brand new (possible) double album. We believe that it will be a rock album and a funk album. It is said to be much like his "Lotusflower" release a few years ago that came close to becoming number one on Billboard.

The album is most likely going to be titled "Plectrum Electrum". All Prince fans are waiting for any news on the release of this new album which will have some incredible songs on it. There is a ballad that Prince has recorded entitled: The Breakdown, which is a beautiful long gone bad song.... with Prince back in the familiar seat of playing awesome piano. It reminds me a bit of The Beautiful Ones from the Purple Rain soundtrack. More will be released as more news comes from the Purple Enigma.

Photograph by Richard C. Ryder