Last night I recoded my four favorite shows. Today I finally watched one of them which is Pretty Little Liars. I can't believe the show ended and doesn't start until October 22 2013. I got to wait that long. Such a long time...I'm a big fan for all four of my shows. Right now I'm going to blog about pretty little liars . Pretty little liars is also a book but made it into a show. Awesome show that it so hard to explain. I'm going to do my best writing about Pretty Little Liars. This show is about finding the truth what happen to their best friend their freshman summer. Four girls try to figure out the truth what happen to their best friend. While four teenagers girls in high school trying to figure out the case. They have a someone following them every move they take. It's name is A. Nobody knows who is A....a lot more detail but I don't want to spoil the excitement .. If your interested in watching shows figuring out cases go watch Pretty Little Liars . In this last season episode they figure out who A is....omg I was so in shock that all the hints and threats came from HIM.. Yes it's a male. If you watch Pretty Little Liars last episode ... tell me who's is A ? I'll give you hint he dated one of the girls .. If you know who it is then omg you love Pretty Little Liars like me So much to tell you but then again I don't want to tell to many hints :)

Thank you guys for reading my post about Pretty Little Liars. It's so much fun sharing my blogs

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