Chelsea will be a big test of Basel to the top of the game Europa League. The Blues is the last champion of the Champions League. Background before the first semifinal at the finish (25/4) that can be whipped up the club, which is still likely to retain the Swiss league titles.

The game will be the first meeting of the two clubs in a competitive arena. Beralias club Rot-Blau is feasible confident strong as it could get rid of any other English club, Tottenham, in the quarter-finals despite only draw up extra time and passes on penalties. Currently tertilang Spurs and Chelsea are balanced in the Premier League.

Many people are surprised to see the achievement of FC Basel in the Europa League this season. Basel is not favored to advance to the semifinal round of the Europa League after previously beating strong teams. In the last 16 of the UEFA Cup champions Basel subvert / 2008 Europa League from Russia, Zenit St.Petersburg. Even more impressive, Basel could overcome the resistance of Tottenham Hotspur in the perempatfnal. In the semifinal round of the Europa League, Basel will try to bring back a surprise to subvert the Champions League last season, Chelsea.

The Basel season best achievement in European competition by reaching the semi-finals. Basel passion to be able to go further is very strong for his younger brother menyandingi achievements of Barcelona. Basel's passion will be shown against Chelsea in the semi-final first leg later. Basel has proven passion look fierce in previous rounds.

Full public support St. Jakob-Park will certainly membahan to provide support to Mohamed Salah Cs mengandasakan resistance to be able to return the British representative. They were able to get the victory at Tottenham Hotspur in the quarter-finals arrested indeed be very valuable to the Basel capital to be re-show the world if they are not the underdogs who deserve dipadandang eye.

Basel chance to win sizable. Incidentally Chelski not too tough when competing outside Stamford Bridge with a rotation of the team could be a reason. Rafael Benitez's squad has lost twice in the Europa League when they travel, bringing the total number to four of the five defeats last trip.