The past few weeks I have been trying to teach david how to use his potty. Erm, its not going to well. lol. I have 4 boys and 2 girls and my 2 girls had no problems when it came to using the potty, but I find that my boys have took a little longer to get the hang of it. I even bought david little pants with thomas the tank engine on the front ( he loves thomas the tank engine!) but once hes got these pants on, he does not want to take them off, not eveen to use the potty. lol. Hmmm bad mistake buying him pants with his favourite, thomas on then. Doh! I pull his pants down when he says "pee" "pee" and I sit him on the potty, and he sits there crying. I pull his pants up again, then he sits on the potty quite happily and yeah....he pee pees.. aarrgghhh! lol Then hes not happy because the pants then have to come off, After this he runs around with no pants leaving little puddles here and there (like a little puppy). So I am going to buy him plain pants and see if this makes any difference. Oh the joys of potty training! :)