Belgium has recieved a lot of media attention lately for the fact that a Belgian celebrity called 'Astrid Bryan' recieved more media attention than their new King 'King Philippe I'. The Flemish speaking Belgians mocked their new king since he changed his name from the dutch sounding 'Filip' to the French version 'Philippe'.

A trailer has been released for the new movie 'King Philippe I'. Many Europeans maybe not now this and even for Americans this news is important, but Astrid Bryan, a Belgian girl who made it as a Celebrity seems to be more important for world politics.

Astrid Bryan divorced when the king came on the trone, but everyone is talking about Astrid Bryan know that she divorced her husband John. Astrid is even rumoured to have a new boyfriend and soon after the news came out pictures were leaked.

Bryan Tweeted that this is an old picture so the statement if this is her boyfriend is still unsure, but it could be.

We wish the King and Astrid good luck!

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Image: Instagram