I recently joined a site called PostLoop. It is a money making site for content writers. You can sign up to join Postloop and post on various blogs and forums that hire the site for content. Proper English and grammer are keys to this site. Quality content is important and short answers are not acceptable. When you sign up for PostLoop you will also be asked to register for Postloop Portal and use the same registration information for both sites. At PostLoop Portal you will be asked to create or post on ten topics over at the forum. I did not create my own post but I did give thorough comments on ten posts that I found interesting to me. After 24 hours I received my rating and was given access to the forums/blogs that I could sign up for. Each blog or forum has a set rating standard and you will have to meet that standard for the forum/blog to be open for you. If you don't have the rating the forum/blog will be locked and you will not be able to sign up for it. I had a decent rating and was able to sign up for several sites on my first day. After posting at those sites the owners of the sites also rated my work and this increased my ratings and opened up even more forums/blogs for me to post at.

The pay is $5.00 for 100 points. Once you reach the 100 point mark you can cash out. They pay via PayPal and the pay is rather quick. I find that if I cash out on a weekday I will normally get the pay the same day. On the weekends I will normally get paid the following Monday.

Pros to this site: 1.) Very easy to earn here. If you are a seasoned writer this place will be a cake walk for you. Even if you are not a season writer you an still gain access to the site and earn good money. Proper English and good grammer are keys here along with the ability to give good responses! 2.) Various types of forums/blogs to post at. Everything from gaming forums to gardening forums and several in between forums. 3.) Pay is via PayPal and very quick. 4.) Easy to earn the 100 points needed to cashout quickly. 5.) You can recruite referrals and earn 20% of their points

Cons to this site: 1.) Some of the forums are struggling (this is why they need your participation to increase traffic and therefore ad revenue). Since the forums are struggling they are not always online. This cuts out your profit because if the site is not up and running you cannot get your post in for the 24 hour day. 2.) Limits to each forum/blog that you can post daily. Usually this limit is set at 5 per day.

This site is a great site and I am hoping to find more like it. I have been paid 8 times since joining in July. Each payment has been $5.00 or a few cents over. I just cashed out today again for this month but since Monday is a holiday I probably will not receive it until Tuesday.

I highly recommend this site. PostLoop pays!

The picture is a screen shot of my dashboard over at PostLoop!