PostAnyArticle.Com is a new shared revenue website that just hit the Internet very recently. If you've ever heard of shared revenue websites called FullofKnowledge or ExpertsPages it actually comes from the same family tree (owned by the same person). What makes PostAnyArticle(PAA) different is the fact that it is not held to higher quality standards like FullofKnowledge and ExpertsPages. In fact, as long as you write in English and can post 100 words you can write for this website.

What Makes PAA Different? PAA (as well as the other websites in its family tree) is a website that has a pay rate that fluctuates. Basically, this means that they pay you whatever they are currently being paid. Some people do not really care for the constantly floating pay rate. But, I like that they pay us whatever they are being pay instead of fixing a pay rate and making a lot of money off of their writers.

Can You Republish Content on PAA? Yes, you can republish anything on PAA. Just make sure you have permission to republish from the other website and that you use the same penname.

How Does The Pay System Works? Basically, they pay monthly. You sign up for an account (sign up with your Paypal email) and then you start writing. Let's say you started writing in October. The last week of November will be the first time you receive a payment.

Is There a Limit To How Many Times You Can Post Per Day? Nope! That's one of the best parts of this website in my opinion. You can post until your fingers fall off.

Can You Post Links? Unfortunately, no. The site does not allow links of any kind. This means you will not be able to use this website to write articles to drive traffic to other places. It is still a great place to write and earn from though.

My Verdict: If you are looking for another site like Bubblews, this is definitely the one. The only difference is they pay monthly instead of as you earn enough to redeem. I definitely think it is a great egg to have in your basket in terms of shared revenue. At this moment… Their pay rate is $11.50 per 1,000 views. When you do the math that ends up being $0.0115 per view. Sure, you are not earning per comment, like, etc. But… If you put a little effort into your posts and social share them. You can still earn some good money with just views.