What is pork barrel?

It's money. Pork barrel is nothing but money, millions of money.

Where does the money come from?

It's from the taxes we, ordinary citizens, pay annually from our income called income tax return collected by the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) and EVAT ( extended value added tax, that appears on receipts when we buy anything that issues receipts like shops, groceries, fastfoods/restos, drug stores, etc., etc. )

A pork barrel is the money allocated yearly for senators and congressmen. On how they spend it, it's on their own jurisdiction.

Congressmen and senators are entitled of what is so called pork barrel.

Congressmen are the representatives of the different provinces and districts of the country. Congressmen and Senators are law-makers, their job is mainly to make laws for the benefit of the country and, let me say it again, they are entitled of the so called pork barrel.

Evil Senators and Congressmen do scam on their pork barrels. One scam exploded just recently that's trending on the news.

Here's how it goes, these law makers allocate their pork barrels on NGOs (non-government organization) which are fake, dummy, nonexistent, bogus.

It's as clear as the the morning sun, they are pocketing the money. Eww!