From Philippines News always on tv about Pork Barrel Scam. And switch to other channel same issue about Pork Barrel Napoles. These issue is no longer latest news here in Philippines when talk about "CORRUPTING". Because those past years and other years are always like these issue no other news flashes on television so better to turn it off. No learnings at all and what those viewers must be learn about that issue? It makes us Filipinos lost hope because of these issues keep repeating and be follow. These is what Philippines today more on corruptions. So it is more sorrow in the Philippines. The Economy itself Philippines is rich in Agriculture, Resources and Food. But the only make it poor because of those stupid brat greedy acting Kings and Queens and swallowed all the resources alone.

Those issue are no longer latest and we all know that next year another issue again about corruption. It is already predictable about these country Philippines. The country Philippines itself is a beautiful country but those Big Mom's or Big Pap's who make it ugly. Like past Mayor a gold digger and yes he keep digging golds without thinking about the result. Those Pigs are popular and no shame at all. Those who keep making news about CORRUPTING better stop it flashing on tv because is no longer new.

And what those children want to learn? Study hard and take the course Law and someday run for President or Senator and corrupt to become rich? Is that what you want? Keep flashing those stupid news and those little kids realized about corrupting is good. That's why no hope at all and predictable. Better flash on tv once not more than.

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