For those who didn't know Pork Barrel I made this post for you.

First, what is pork barrel? - Funds requested by the congress for the project that will not benefit the masses but the small group who is willing to pursue the project. This project is not proposed by the masses but by the small group of people.

Pork Barrel Issue in the Philippines Janet Napoles the woman behind the 10 million pork barrel scam was still in manhunt. Benhur Luy, the blower, steal 300,000 pesos from Janet but according to Luy, that Janet steal the 10 million fund for a project. To cloth her self, Janet accused Luy for using ecstasy and gender confusion and sexual indiscretion issues. Now some politicians behind this scam is saying that they didn't know Napoles or the Napoles family. Even the one who is caught by the authorities is still denying that they are not related to the Napoles family. Given the post that Jeane posted, Napoles is still denying of stealing the 10 million pesos fund. According to them they are rich before entering the government but how can they be that rich owning a $80 million dollar apartment, inns in Disney and 22 houses in the Philippines. This sounds suspicious right? And why are they hiding if they didn't do anything? This is the controversy in the pesos pork barrel.

Suspension of Pork Barrel Early this morning, President Ninoy Aquino III banned pork barrel in the Philippines. Commission of Audit released a statement containing the questionable use off the Philippine fund. by this, Aquino wanted to abolish the pork barrel system of the country. They will have a monitoring and investigation about this issue. As of now, Aquino wanted to resolve the pork barrel scam first before anything else. United Sates of America supported Aquino for this decision.

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