Agatha Christie lovers it's here! Poirot Season 13 "Elephants Can Remember." It's on #youtube. I watched the whole thing in bits and pieces on user David Jerome's sight. But Moraven 14 has added the whole show in one segment. If you love Hercule Poirot, British literature, murder mysteries, period drama, what are you waiting for? Get over and see it. I tried to watch in on ITV but you have to live in the UK to do so.

Poirot, played sublimely by David Suchet, exercises his little grey cells a workout on two murders simultaneously. Mrs. Ariadne Oliver (Zoe Wannamaker) is presented an award for her Sven Hierson detective series. Readers of Chrisitie will know Mrs. O hates author functions. She loves solving real mysteries--feeling she could top any man at Scotland Yard any day. Well, maybe Poirot is her exception. Maybe. Anyway, Ariadne is accosted by bombastic Mrs. Burton-Cox (Greta Scacchi) soon-to-be MIL of Mrs. Oliver's god-daughter Celia Ravenscroft. The Burton-Cox drops a bombshell question. "Did Celia's father kill her mother or the other way around?" Thus Mrs. Oliver, Poirot , Celia and we are drawn into this murky murder in retrospect. Multitasking Poirot is untangling his own murder web and finding quixotic characters, including a nervy nerve specialist, a enigmatic Bostonian, a reclusive French woman and the cadaver of a psychologist drowned in his own aversion therapy bath. Can our fearless Belgian sort them all out?

Get thee to youtube and find out, fellow bubblers. Here's the link

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