I did this for a poetry prompt, a few years back. Since I had fun with it, I thought someone here might like to try it. If you read the first letter of each line, down, it spells 'Troubling', making it an acrostic form. If you read it line-by-line, it is a nonet, as it starts with nine syllables, and counts down to one.

Acrostic and Nonet - Combined


Trouble should have been his given name Raving at his kids, his wife too Over at the bar, fighting Under the bridge, homeless Bleary eyed savage Leave him alone In deep sleep Next to Gone.

Copyright M. Niicholson - 2010 - 2013

A Nonet is a nine lined, poem, acrostic or variations; of syllables, starting with nine syllables and counting down to one. As I needed nine lines, I used the word "Troubling", in order to make the acrostic, if you read the first letter of every starting word, but read it down. What's actually done here, is to combine two poetry forms.

Link For Acrostic: http://poetry.about.com/od/poeticforms/g/acrostic.htm

Link For Nonet: http://www.poetrydances.com/nonet.php

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