Check out my PNY Performance 16GB SDHC Memory Card Review if you want a memory card that will satisfy certain needs such as:

Storing Pictures Videos Good Writing Speed for HD Videos and Processing Quality Pictures

I was busy researching some memory cards that I could use for my Samsung WB100 Camera, and after finding that this type of memory card is perfect for storing HD videos and pictures, I decided to give it a shot. This review will be quick and simple, and I hope that by the end of this review, this will be a product that you might consider if you want more memory for a pretty good price!

On #Best-Buy , it's currently priced within $14-$19, and compared to the Sandisk Ultra 16GB that goes for about $40, this is a much cheaper alternative for your needs for cameras, phones, and just having a decent mini-storage in case you need to have backup memory.

This memory card isn't an adapter for MicroSD cards if that's what you're looking for, but it is useful quickly transferring large files to your computer. When I take pictures with my Samsung WB100, the transfer process of 15MB/s is pretty decent in my opinion. The images have the same quality has they appeared on the Camera's screen.

15 Megabytes per second is honestly more than enough, even if you're storing large amounts into the card. Most pictures, depending on the quality the camera can provide, can go around 5MB. I know that if I record in the highest setting for my camera, which is about 720p (but can go to 1080 in processing), having a memory card that can handle that data without compromising quality through the transfers is important.

A minute or two of video recording on the highest setting is about 150 Megabytes in total for my camera, so the data can add up quickly, which is why the PNY Performance 16GB SDHC gets the job done.

So unless you're very picky about how much a card can store and process data at reasonable speeds, the PNY Performance 16GB Memory Card may be the one item that will make your camera and video recording experience much easier!


Very resilient in terms of sustainability physically Large amount of space for 1,000s of photos and 4 hours of HD video (presumed capacity) Good processing speed of 15MB/second


You might have to be weary of the type of Class your camera, phone, or electronic device accepts since this is a Class 6. However, there is a professional version that's a Class 10 if your camera demands more.

Other than that, this card gets the job done, and if you want a good amount of space for memory at a cheap price, the PNY Performance 16GB SDHC Memory Card is definitely a bargain!

The photos of the memory card for the title cover and within this review was taken with the Samsung WB100.

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