My cyber friend who qualifies as a Random User saw a couple of my Bubbles and decided that his friend #buysellshort would be a good fit here. So I hope you will welcome @buysellshort and help him find his way around. He has already published a delightful appetizer recipe called Avocado Pepper Cones.

Some of the things I didn't realize on my first day here follow:

1) Not only can we "like" someone's bubble, but we can "like" comments that other people left not only on our own bubbles, but on other people's as well.

2) In order to see what our friends on here are up to we have to connect to them on their profile page. We would be absolutely overwhelmed if we connected with everyone who wants to connect with us, but we look pull up their profiles and take a look at their post activity to see what kind of interaction they have with other bubblers. Do they just post their own bubbles or do they leave comments and read and like other people's bubbles? Do the kinds of things they write genuinely interest you?

3) We can edit our bubbles at any time, so we don't have to worry about making a mistake.

4) There are free character counting programs online so we can cut and paste our bubble content to check and make sure we have reached the 400 character mimimum.

5) We don't have to post bubbles every day to earn money here. Reading and liking and commenting on other people's bubbles and comments will result in earnings.

6) Personal "branding" and creativity are welcome here. There are only a few rules, and they are posted on the Bank page where we check our earnings.

7) Helpful advice is offered by the CEO @Arvind and &BubblewsSupport1 so it is a good idea to connect with them and read those bubbles.

Again, welcome and good to have you here @buysellshort