The Playstation Vita, Sony's successor to the Playstation Portable. It's a handheld device bursting with functionality. In theory, the system has a great many things going for it. It has the best graphical capability among the handheld gaming devices as well as some functions that even its Playstation 3 big brother doesn't have ( ex. Cross Game Chat). However, for all the great potential it has, there has been one single detriment to the system's possible rise to greatness, the price.

Believe it or not, the pricing is both the beginning and end of almost all the devices problems. Developers aren't as fast to work on the system because it doesn't have as many units out in the wild as the closest rival, the 3DS. But that could all change with a price cut. The price cut effect is proven to work wonders. The 3DS is a prime example of that. Because much like the Vita is right now, the 3DS was in bad shape market wise until they dropped the price $70. And ever since then, they've been selling great.

However, in comparison to the 3DS, the Vita is a much more feature rich device. Which is what heralded the cost in the first place. When the 3DS price was higher, that was Nintendo trying to be greedy. Selling a fairly cheaply made product at a premium price. They were burned for it, and the price dropped $70. With the Vita on the other hand, you have a system that actually validated the high cost. It wasn't about being greedy. It was about the features and overall quality of the device you were paying for.

So unlike Nintendo's case, it's not so easy to drop the Vita's price because then you'd have to redesign it in a cheaper way.

Regardless, the system has been getting a continous stream of applications of all sorts. Ranging from major ones such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Youtube, and Skype. To the lesser known ones such as Wake Up Club. And just recently, the Vita received it's on addition to the Playstation Plus program, allowing people to be part of both at one price. But no matter what the system receives or what good it does, pricing is everything.

And the fact of the matter is, once the system's pricing is dealt with, watch how almost every moan, whine, and complaint about the system magically vanishes.