I would like to share #my-personal-experience of #porridge as a #remedy for vomiting.

I have a three-year old daughter who have a cough, maybe it’s due to our cold weather. As she woke up from a nap she keeps on coughing until she vomited. After that, I gave her water to drink and she vomits again. Her face was pale and crying. She ask for #milk and when I gave her she vomit again until all that comes out of her mouth is a yellowish water. She’s weak and I was really worried.

I remembered what my mom did for us when we were kids. So I prepared a #plain-rice-porridge for her. i put a little salt to it and fed her little by little. When she’s done for few tablespoon she was already singing. Thank God. She was asking for more.

Now she’s playing with her siblings, and she can drink her milk I gave her little by little. She’s gaining strength.

Thank God, I’m not worried anymore. Have a good night everyone!