Believe it or not, the much believed electric mouse from the Pokemon television and video game series was not intended to be the Pokemon that main character Ash Ketchum was intended to have at the beginning of his journey. As avid players of the Pokemon Gameboy games will know, Pikachu was actually not one of the three starter options in the Red and Blue versions of the game either. Since these are the first games to be released in the series, they are the ones that hold the most significance to many players.

You might be wondering who the original starter Pokemon was supposed to be for both the video games as well as the television show. The answer is surprisingly the fairy Pokemon known as Clefairy. This pink fairy Pokemon complete with wings looks rather cute among the various types of Pokemon. In the end, the idea to use Clefairy was scrapped in favor of Pikachu as the star and mascot of Pokemon because it was believed that Pikachu appealed more to both boys and girls. Clefairy was seen as a Pokemon that might appeal more so to girls and actually be rejected by male players. In the end, the electric mouse won out, and many are quite happy that this was the case. Pikachu holds a place in the hearts of many.