Well, not exactly a bomb-type bomb, but they can help get rid of stink bombs.

Many of you have probably seen the trick about putting orange peels in vinegar and using it as a spray air freshener, and I’ve been using that for months and love it. I can’t stand using chemicals to clean or freshen my home, and won’t unless I absolutely have to. I’ve been using straight vinegar for years, but adding the citrus peels to it adds a really nice, light scent.

When I eat an orange, I save the peel in a jar and top if off with vinegar and store it under my kitchen sink, and it’s ready to go whenever one of my spray bottles is depleted. I have three dogs here, so have at least two spray bottles filled with the orange ‘flavored’ vinegar handy to spritz the air several times a day.

Knowing that vinegar really does help eliminate odors, I’ve taken it one step further and put the citrus-laden vinegar into small jars or containers in various rooms of my home. It’s not an overpowering scent at all, and most people probably wouldn’t even notice it, but for someone with a powerful sniffer like mine, it’s still just a light, pleasant scent, and not a pickle-like smell at all.

I’ve got pickled orange in a mason jar beside my desk, a small decorative jar filled with orange-y vinegar on my kitchen counter, a gravy boat with vinegar and orange peel on the sofa table in my living room, and more of the same in a glass measuring cup on my bedroom dresser (I ran out of more decorative containers).

Try it. Vinegar is cheap, and you throw orange peels away anyway, so there’s no added cost. Make sure that kids or pets can’t get to your open jar of pickled citrus to knock it over. It’s non-toxic, but would still make a mess.

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