Up until earlier in the year I was not familiar with the terms photobomb, twerking and selfie. I only found out about the terms when they started to be thrown around in the media and the Internet, and now it seems that they are somewhat mainstream, in the sense that the general public is starting to know what they mean.

Photobomb Basically all a photobomb is, is when someone messes up a photo that is be taken of someone or something else. For example, if I saw some strangers taking a photo with their group of friends and I decide to jump in front of the photo with a huge grin on my face and the photo gets taken, then I have photobombed their photo. I am not sure where in the world this term came from, or how long it has been around or if it is actually in the dictionary.

Twerking I don't even know where the term twerking came from, but all twerking is is a dance where you basically grind your hips or move them up and down, and in a fast manner. Basically it is what singer Miley Cyrus does when she performs as of lately. I actually think Cyrus made the term a popular phrase, but I don't really get this word at all.

Selfie This is pretty much self-explanatory. If I snapped a photo of myself, then I just snapped a selfie. There really is not much more to say about this term, and once again I have no clue who started to use this word first or who is credited with making it popular.

I wonder what types of words or terms and phrases will become popularized in 2014! Only time will tell.