Philippines rank 14th best skyline in the world. And if it is only in Southeast Asia, I think it rank top 3 or 4. Before, on a certian article, Philippines rank top 13, but having no idea why it rank now as top 14 following Kuala lumpur. But it making best at the part of Makati City. True, but other cities like Taguig, Mandaluyong, etc. (which part of the PH) making their own skyline. They said that it is rapidly progressive. PH have a 7,800+ points with 200= building making the skylines. Still, Hing Kong remain top 1 best skylines following USA and Korea and China.. Going back, Philippines have a great development of building business like these, but looking behind those high building, there are still poor people, but no all are poor, some maybe in a middle class level. But I hope PH will continue to have a progess economic rate.

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