I do not know why people keep on writing negative posts against bubblews. The worst thing is, accordingly, they have reported this site to authorities calling this a scam- site. I will never allow these people to pull Bubblews down!



It was on a random conversation with Marky when this topic popped up. I asked him about his opinion if how long would Bubblews last when at this early stage, haters have already spread everywhere. Then this best friend of mine just gave me the most intelligent answer:

“For active bubblers like you, keep increasing the traffic. Bubblews survives for as long as advertisers pay them. And this only happens when there is traffic!”

Then it made me think. I paused for a while. Now, I decided to write a post about this just to inform the bubble community about this.

WE ARE THE REASON WHY THIS SITE STILL SURVIVES. Do not lose hope. Instead, let us help Arvind and the Bubblews team survive the threat given by these haters.

This maybe one of my shortest serious posts but I mean it.

Photo credits: PabloDaDiablo