I'm submitting this under "art". Why? Because writing is an art. It is a venue, expression, an outlet, communication and everything else. Not everyone is an intellectual, an accomplished reader or a famous Pulitzer winning poet/novelist/blah blah.. Yet, in my two short weeks doing this, I am seeing a "trend". A lot of complaints about the "quality" of the posts. It is my opinion (I know, you did not ask for it) that in some way ways, word of mouth has spread in regards to this venue: IT PAYS! Yes! There are a LOT of hungry people out there! So, with all the due respect to all of the accomplished 2000 plus connections, $25/day redemptions, etc etc.. Why not let the "little people" write and give it a shot? It's not that bad, really.. If you don't want to read a post.. DON'T READ IT, My posts are for the most part awful, but I AM TRYING. Most famous writers also struggled when they were starting. Right? I'm NEVER going to be famous, or rich, or even remembered. But I AM hungry! I am broke, and OLD, I will never find a job with my broke back (it's not broken, it's badly injured) But writing was always my passion, and I never pursued it. I had other things I had to do, like raising three kids, on my own. Every body has a story to tell. EVERYBODY. THINK ABOUT IT. You can be a hater, or you can embrace the beauty of this venue: it gives EVERYONE a chance!

(My apologies to those who I might offend)