The death of the actor who starred in ' Fast and Furious ' this leaves a lot of stories . One is a love story with her lover , before he died turned out the late Paul Walker had planned to build a serious relationship with a lover who has girlfriend approximately 7 years .

Girlfriend of the late actor Paul Walker does not come from celebrities . He was a college student 23 years old named Jasmine Pilchard - Gosmell . Paul and Jasmine started a relationship since 2006 , when the new Jasmine then 16 -year -old Brian O'Conner and ex- actor is 33 years old . Both are rumored to have got engaged in 2009 .

Quoted from the Daily Mail , the current girlfriend of the late Paul Walker , Jamine still reeling over the death of her lover . " Jasmine is now with her mother . His mother tried to soothe and comfort him as a result of this unexpected news , "said Jasmine 's uncle , Barton Bruner .

" Paul is a guy who is really good and Jasmine are very shaken and heart broken as a result of this news . Their relationship is spotty but both steady plan to spend a bright future together , "added the uncle of the lover paul .

Although different from the age of 17 years of the beloved , the late actor who died this steady serious relationship with Jasmine Pilchard . Even though only 8 different age tahub of Paul Walker 's daughter named Meadow , a woman 23 years is ready to be a mother to the only daughter of Paul from the previous relationship .

Other sources also mention that one of the reasons Meadow moved in with Paul , because he wanted to close with Paul and Jasmine and become a happy family together . Currently own Jasmine was still in Santa Barbara , California to try to calm down .