I pick up a few cans of Parrot Coconut Water every time I visit the Dollar Store next to Everett and Jones BBQ at San Pablo and University in Berkeley.

It comes in a 16.4 oz can and is one of my favorite drinks in the world.

It tastes basically like what you get when you crack open a coconut, except a bit sweeter. And it has big chinks of coconut in it.

It's a product of Thailand and is distributed by Sun Hing Foods, Inc. of South San Francisco CA.

Similar products are available at the local Asian Food Market, and many are similar to Parrot, but this is my favorite.

I've read that coconut water is one of the best ways to hydrate. Maybe it contains some sodium and potassium, like Gatorade. I'm not sure.

But man is it delicious on a hot day.

Shake well (get that pulp circulating so you get some in each sip) and serve chilled.

Ingredients are: coconut water (not less than 85%), coconut flesh pulp, sugar from cane sugar syrup, sodium metabisulphite

Make sure it says "with pulp" on the can.