Here I have made a paper flower base. it is easy to make and adds a colorful look to your living room, bedroom or kitchen and is also a unique handcrafted gift to give to your family member or friends!

To make an easy paper flower base, mainly you will need paper with a print design such as Colorbok brand or other brands you are familiar with you can find these papers in or your local craft store with Colorbok or other paper print designs you can make gift bags, gift tags, birthday signs, holiday paper ornaments, chinese lamps, spanish fan, also you can create your own gift box with your own style and much more. In my blog you will see how I made the paper flower base step by step and these are the things that you will need: scissors, scotch tape, glue, and a carton. Here is my craft blog that I started a month ago.

There you will find easy steps to make this paper flower base!

Have Fun and Have a great Day!