So you need more Candy Crush lives but you don't want to ask your friend for them or maybe you have conned any of them in to playing it yet. What can you do? Wait 25 minutes for another life? Nope. If you play through the Facebook app you might get an end-game pop up offering you lives and Lollipop Hammers.

If you play the King Games like Pet Rescue Saga or Bubble Witch Saga to get extra lives and Lollipop Hammers chances are you know that some of them are obnoxiously slow loading and are heavy with graphics. Papa Pear Saga is one of those games. I only did it for the Lollipop Hammer because the lives aren't that big od a deal.

To get the lives and the Hammers you need to play through eight levels of the game. You can get through those levels in under ten minutes so it is worth it to get the Lollipop Hammers. I have most of them saved up from playing the others games but they are nice to have.

This is a pretty simple game; you shoot things and try to get the items in to the buckets under the game board. It can seem monotonous but at least there are no tricky things like with Bubble Witch Saga. You do not have to leave your Candy Crush Saga game board open, you can close that and when you go back to it, you will get a pop up letting you know you got your Hammers and lives.

I do not get these options when I play on my tablet, I only get them when I play on my laptop through the Facebook app. I have it bookmarked and go directly to it when I am on my laptop but there are pros and cons to playing. When the board shuffles or reshuffles on the laptop I lose a move but it usually shakes some pieces loose with moves. When it shuffles on the tablet I don't lose a move but I have yet to see it provide me with match-ups.

Whether you want more lives, need Lollipop Hammers or are just looking for a different type of game to play, this is worth checking out. I am hoping that there are more of these bonus games to come; I have done three so far but haven't gotten any end-game offers in a couple weeks when I ran out of lives.

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Photo: King Games via my game board