When I first moved to the town I lived now, there was a pizza place simply called Pizza Man. It wasn't authentic and they didn't use fancy ingredients, but what they did was good quality pizza at great prices. One of my favorites was a cheeseburger pizza. It was pretty basic; it just had beef, cheese, and bacon, but it was absolutely fantastic. I was pretty bummped when they went out of business.

Papa John's is my chain pizza place of choice, despite their founder's political positions which I completely disagree with. I can think of ten pizza places I'd rather order from, but for the price, and living in the suburbs where there aren't a ton of quality options, they're kind of my go-to. Recently, I saw they had a new Double Cheeseburger Pizza, and given that I could use a coupon code for 50 percent off thanks to the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl.

Like the old Pizza Man pizza, the Papa John's Double Cheeseburger comes with beef and cheese, but they add tomatoes, a special burger sauce, and ...pickles? Pickles on a pizza? The burger sauce seemed kind of weird but it worked I guess. Sometimes really unique sauces can really make a pizza. This one didn't do it. It wasn't a complete disaster, but I wasn't overwhelmed by it. And the pickles? I could see maybe getting used to pickles on a pizza I guess. It wasn't like they were huge slices. They were diced up pretty small like you'd find most tomatoes on a pizza. There was just something kind of off-putting about the taste of dill on this pie.

I wouldn't say this is the best pizza I've ever had. I'm not even sure if I would order it again, but it was something unique and different. I must say though, it's still a far cry from that old cheeseburger pizza I used to order. More ingredients aren't a substitute for better ingredients, and despite their tagline "better ingredients, better pizza", Papa John's doesn't quite live up to the quality I would like.

Have you tried the Double Cheeseburger Pizza from Papa John's? Would you order a pizza with pickles on it?

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