I also included pancit for our New Year's Eve menu, as they says "its for long life". I just made it a combination of bihon and canton.

These are the ingredients that I used; 1/2 kilo of pancit bihon 1/2 kilo of pancit canton 3/4 kilo of chicken, shredded 3 pieces medium carrots, sliced into small cubes 1/2 cabbages, chopped small 1/4 baguio beans, sliced small Onions, minced Garlic, minced Soy sauce Fish Sauce Black pepper

How to cook; Sauté onion and garlic, add the shredded chicken, carrots, cabbages and baguio beans. Add water then soy sauce and fish sauce. Add black pepper to taste. Let simmer for few minutes then you may add the pancit bihon and pancit canton. Mix it thoroughly until the soup was gone. I also add some fish balls and kikiam which was sliced into halves. Done and enjoy eating.

As they says, pancit is good and for long life. Everyone enjoyed eating pancit that night.

Photo is mine.

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