At work, almost mouthwatering, we craved for the #noodles famously called “Pancit Canton” prepared by Mahal Kita Drive Inn and Restaurant. We’ve heard that the noodles they prepare boast a unique #flavor different from other Chinese Noodles in the Philippines. So we thought of savoring it, not just to satisfy our hunger but to attest to ourselves of its taste.

“Mahal Kita” means “I love you” in English. The venue with how it was named, a motorist hotel, has marked itself well with what they prepare, although in the Philippine setting, connotes that of a place for lovers who want to spend their fleeting time away.

We were faced with a predicament as we could not locate any contact detail from the internet – either we were cut short of being meticulous as to details or there have been no information available at all on the net – it had everything from pictures to all galore sans the contact number.

To our rescue, a colleague working for a different client had the information we needed. Before handing the number out to us, we almost came full of his own praises of the noodles, although regretting that he hasn’t yet seen how it was prepared in its grand array, just leftovers, etc. – hence, we got it! We excitedly contacted the Restaurant to order this renowned delectable and best-selling noodle. After keeping our cool for an hour and awaiting still, our order arrived: a medium- sized platter that’s able to, more than enough, fill the hunger of six to eight persons.

We were all mum as to how the food was prepared, our #taste buds frolicked and our nostrils seemingly snoozed in subtle staccatos. The noodles were layered with all sorts of greens and crimsons, meat and all choice viscera and topped with cut fried and boiled poultry. It was a sight to behold – a dilemma of preserving the view or pacifying a human need or want.

We were going for the kill! If only we were animals in the wild, we would have fought for it like it’s the last food before winter. In an unheard unison, we struck our forks into the noodle nest and our spoons scooped every piece to our heart’s desire and in silence, consumed everything to the last noodle there was until the next time – at work.

You all can try it if you are here in Manila, Philippines. Just post your comments here. I included their contact number as well.