Lampung has a lot of natural and cultural potential, especially the maritime potential, which is no less interesting with other provinces in Indonesia. Besides KiluanBay which is already famous, there is another tourist area in Lampung that has very beautiful island under the sea panorama. It is Pahawang island. It is located in Punduh Pidada subdistrict, Pesawaran regency, Lampung.

Pahawang island has an area of 1084 hectares. The island is divided into two, namely Big Pahawang Island inhabited by indigenous people and Small Pahawang island inhabited by a foreign family of French. At around Pahawang island there are several islands such as Gosong Island and Kelagian Island. Both of these islands you can also explore to enjoy its natural beauty. If you are interested in visiting the Pahawang island, you can start the journey from Jakarta to use land transportation to the port of Merak in West Java. After that, you can cross to Bakauheni port in Lampung using the ferry. From Bakauheni port, proceed to Bandarlampung, the capital of Lampung province, then to the Ketapang dock in Padang Cermin subdistrict, Pasawaran regency. From the dock, you can continue the journey by boat to the Great Pahawang island by using rental ship for about 45 to 60 minutes. Arriving on the in Great Pahawang Islands, you can enjoy the stunning beauty of the underwater with snorkeling. There are several snorkeling locations around the island. In one location there is a sunken fishing boat. The ship has become a haven of fish and other marine animals. The diversity of the underwater island is more attractive with a wide range of corals, fish, and marine plants. Enjoying the beauty of the Pahawang Island, you can also enjoy the land natural beauty to go around by boat. You can down entire coastline of the island and see the beauty of the forest and blue sea water. If you are not satisfied traveling in Pahawang Island, please visit the Putus Cape and Kelagian island which is not far from Pahawang. In Tanjung Putus there is Gosong island that only consists of white sand. All around the island, the sea is crystal clear and not too deep, so it is like a private unlimited pool. There was no coral at Gosong Island. However, there are some sea grass and other vegetation where fish are hiding. Visiting to Kelegian island, you have to pay an entrance fee to the island about Rp3,000 per person. There you can swim and enjoy the beautiful beaches. For those of you who like camping, you can camp on the island. However, for those who do not like, you can stay at the Inn on the Great Pahawang Island.