Did you think milk and molasses were ever good for the garden? If you did, then you're 100% right. I have read an article based on the reasons why these two human food items are beneficial for the soil when growing things in your garden and I'm finding it very interesting. I now know why my brother wants us to save the entire container of empty plastic milk cartons just for his use. He tells us to put a little water in them and give them to him for the garden. He knew this before I did. There is something in the milk that feeds the plants and even acts as an insecticide for many insects. The insects cannot digest dairy--because of no pancreas. I never knew that, did you?

As for the molasses, it is best to use the unsulfered type but any will do. This acts as a booster for plants that produce fruits and vegetables when watered with a solution at the correct times. My source link below will give more information but the ratio is pretty much like 1 cup to just fourth a cup (depending on how poor your soil is) to one gallon of water. Using milk and molasses are two ways to feed your plants without using harsh chemicals. Not only that but the combo of both sprayed in the garden will eliminate some types of weeds. I plan on using both of these this year in the garden to see for myself on how they actually do this or not. The below link has some more details and info that you should really take note of if you're a gardener like me. I was so excited to read this. I have a small bottle of molasses that I planned to use but never did this winter so that is definetly all going to go into the soil here somewhere or another in the Spring.

Source~ http://www.motherearthnews.com/organic-gardening/milk-and-molasses-magic-zbcz1402.aspx

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