Haunted voice of a woman singing the song " " Nina bobo ... oh .. lullabies , if not bobo ... bitten by mosquitoes , " became the opening scene of the movie trailer for " Oo Nina Bobo " has just been released by Rapi Films .

The film will feature the comeback of Revalina S Temat vacuum to the horror genre after nearly 9 years ago from a horror movie hits " Pocong 2 " (2006 ) filmed Rudi Soedjarwo .

Oo Nina Bobo tells the story of the terrible events in a house , where a family , mother , father and his daughter who was 6 years old lifeless . Only Ryan , the boy who was 7 years old , survived .

Since then Ryan suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD ) and treated at home . His condition was unstable and he shut himself from the trauma they experienced . Five Years Later , Karina ( Revalina S Temat ) , a psychiatrist who is taking thesis S2 , making Ryan as an object of research . Karina wanted to take Ryan back to his house that long . Karina strongly believe that one of the most effective ways to cope with trauma is to get the victim to the location and directly confront a situation that could provoke trauma .

Friends of Karina , BAMS , saying that there is a possibility kerterlibatan other creatures who are the houses that the cause of death of Ryan family . Inside the house , Ryan initially showed normal behavior . But day to day , his attitude becomes mysterious and strange . His relationship with Karina became much

Warehouse , Karina found the handwritten letters are reminded to never sing songs Nina Bobo . But when a night Ryan had nightmares and delirium , Karina comfort her in a way to sing lullabies .

Turns out Nina bobo song turn something that is in the house . Something that makes Ryan killed his family five years ago . And this time , Karina life threatening .

The movie directed by Jose Purnomo , Director who has been ' subscribed ' to make horror films like Jelangkung box office , Ghost Island , danSamudra Hotel .

Reva addition , the film is supported also by the Word Ferdinand, Daniel Typhoon , Mega Carefansa , Maulana Agung , and Henry Noegroho .

Nina Bobo Oo you can see in theaters starting on March 20, 2014 . Her gripping trailer you can see below . Sure you want to sleep ?