David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister, has announced moves that will enable most households in the UK to block pornography before it gets into the home. The fight by campaigners to get to this point has been long and hard. Industry has claimed that it was not their problem, that it was technically too difficult, that it was too expensive, or not a guarantee and that this was the 'thin edge of the wedge' on censorship.. All of these arguments seem to get totted out by big industry whenever a radical change is required.

However, there is a growing body of evidence of the harm that exposure to pornography is causing children, who often see it first when only 10 years old. And thankfully the large IPS's did not prevail.

The core of the speech delivered by the PM stated that: * internet pornography is 'corroding childhood' * All internet-connected homes will be offered the filters * And all new subscribers will have to opt out if they want sexual material * Porn simulating rape is to be banned under new legislation

This means that by the end of 2014, over19 million UK homes will be contacted by their service providers and told they must say whether the family-friendly filters that block porn sites should be switched on or off.

The measures will go even further making the possession of online pornography depicting rape illegal. It is a move welcomed by many women's campaigners and brings England into line with legislation that already exists in Scotland.

In all of this credit must also be given to the office of Clare Perry (MP) which has worked continuously on this issue for several years, often with little encouragement from her, predominately, male colleagues in the House.

Personally, while I think these are good moves I feel that the same checks should be forced upon pornography and sex sites that wish to show stuff in the UK as are already used by gambling sites. This would also significantly reduce further access to these kinds of sites.

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