One King West Standing at the Corner of Yonge and King

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One King West is a hotel and condomium residence at the corner of Yonge and King in downtown Toronto. It is and was the brainchild of maverick developer Harry Stinson. The project actually started out with just the small pieceo of property between One King West and 11 King West and then morphed with private financing to include the old Dominion Bank building which stood at the corner. Harry Stinson known for his obsessive behaviour and micromanagement got into many disagreements regarding the direction of the project, including his chief financier David Mirvish, which eventually lead to his been ejected from the project towards it's completion. This of course lead to many legal battles, many of which remain unresolved to this day.

As a building One King West claims to be the narrowest building in the world, on the basis of it's width to footprint. The building has 500 suites and the penthouse which is 2 storeys was used in the Muchmusic reality show in which contested vie for a spot as a Video DJ on the Canadian music channel. One King West is also notable as it was the first major project of the Toronto construction boom, when it was completed in 2007 was the tallest building to be built since BCE Place back in 1991.