Every year, 1.5 million Americans have a heart attack. More than 570,000 die of cancer.

Respiratory disease, Alzheimer's, stroke and diabetes kill 410,000 more.

But that's about to change.

A technology has emerged that has the leading voices of the medical community making some astounding claims.

Like Dr. Terri Fried, a Yale University specialist in geriatric medicine, who believes we've now entered "the end of the disease era."

And USC Oncologist Dr. David Agus who says, "The end of illness is closer than you think."

Imagine living in a world where you are never in danger of being stricken by disease.

Where you no longer fear illness...

And where you experience the freedom that comes with knowing you have complete control over your quality of life.

There is a device that could make all of that a reality.

And it costs less than $50... It's called MEMS. It stands for Micro-ElectroMechanical-Systems.

You have this tiny implant...

It's right below your skin, watching out for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

No waiting rooms...

No doctor trying to sneak in a round of 18 holes before he looks at your results.

This implant is your own private physician that never takes a break.