It has been one of the biggest issues to come out of the Philippine's entertainment industry today. I knew Vhong before, we worked together in the same television sitcom, entitled "Pwedeng-Pwede" (Yes, it's possible) with Robin Padilla. He was Robin's side-kicked in the said series. Vhong was a nice person. But then, being a celebrity and a good dancer, girls would swoon over him.

With the recent scandal he got himself entangled with recently --- he being accused of rape by a woman and being badly beaten by the woman's friends --- my heart goes with him. Based on the CCTV footage being shown on television, the alleged rape incident was very unlikely. From the time Vhong entered the elevator to the time he entered the condominium unit of the woman to the time the woman's cohorts arrived was clearly captured on tape. Those were just span of several minutes. Common sense dictates that rape is not possible to happen within that time span.

So since the case has been already filed in court, let's just wait for the wheel of justice to take its course. The only concern that I have here is that film (or CCTV footage for that matter) is not considered hard evidence in the rule of law here in the Philippines.

I was once a victim of this flawed process before when I was still handling cash for one of the top companies in Manila. My cash drawer was forcibly opened by an office mate and took some money away. The incident was clearly caught by a CCTV camera. But the case was not resolved in my favor.

The reason given during the company administrative hearing was that CCTV footage is not admissible in court. In the end I paid from own pockets the company money that was stolen from me.

So there my dear friend Vhong. You may be the aggrieved party here. But that does not mean the court will side with you.

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