Ole man winter what are you doing? Here in Florida we know its winter. People in church had coats on. I didn't even bring my winter coats when I moved here from New York. Now Im talking 40 degrees. That's rare I hope here. While in New York my daughter said the temperature was 12 degrees. That's the kind of cold where everything aches. The kind of cold where I would wear a ski hat in the house to keep the warmth in my body. My daughter is due to have her first baby anyday. So I guess I'll have to deal with New York cold once again. Believe me if it wasn't such a big occasion I would not be going in January. I have been at the hospital for the birth of all of my grandchildren.This one will hopefully be no different. Even though the airport has cancelled flights . I am still hoping to make it early enough. I've been watching the website several times a day. Still waiting for a reasonable flight to show up.Granbaby hold on just a little bit longer.