Today we feel like starting a new set of giveaways labeled, 'Flash Giveaways.' These giveaways will require our community to do a certain thing to enter and we will select the winner at the end of the day. This FLASH Giveaway will be for a $25.00 VISA Gift Card mailed right to your house, or receive your gift through Paypal! The point of this giveaway is simple, you must refer 5 (FIVE) users to this website will receive the prize. Note: The referred users must make at least one meaningful post (Not just Hi, I am referred, etc) and we will also be testing the emails to make sure you did not create these users yourself. Honesty is the best policy, we do lots of giveaways so if you don't win this time around there will always be a next time.

SO to clarify the rules:

  1. Refer 5 users to sign up and post
  2. The users must also comment on this thread saying that you referred them
  3. Referred users will be 'screened' through email to make sure they are legitimate

The winner will be selected tomorrow night, Monday June 11th, 9:00 pm eastern. If NO user has achieved 5 referrals then we will select the user with the most referrals. IF more than ONE user refers 5 people we will randomly select the winner from that pool.

Have fun!!