Every wednesday, we conducted an observation on the school that was assigned to us. This was a part of my studies because Im an Education student (soon to be a teacher).

Everyone of us who has the FS1 (Field Study 1) are required to conduct an observation every wednesday morning at 7:00am to 12:00pm. Each of us has school assignments.

In my part, I was assigned to the school which is far from our home. It took two rides for me to be in my school assignment. Lucky those who assigned nearer but those who's the same as me was unfortunate. We need to woke up early morning just to be there at exactly 7am. We need to wait for a bus early and then cutting our trip to rode again for a tricycle going to our assigned schools which is too far from our place.

When we or shall I say, when I get to the school we attended flag ceremony and then go inside to the room or class that was assigned for me to observed. How tiring it is and I fell sleepy everytime I observed 'coz I did nothing but to sit down and look around the classroom and just staring those pupils and their teacher on how he/she teach. I have nothing to talk to either. Its so boring every wednesday morning.. I hope we finish this as soon as possible.

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