Barack Hussein Obama weathered many storms such as Cash for Clunkers, IRS bullying, and some really abysmal appearances on Jay Leno, but this latest faux pas just might have him sleeping on the Ikea pull-out couch. Whilst visiting South Africa to preen for international cameras he found himself unable to contain himself: a selfie of Himself with the blond-haired leader of Denmark has put his First Lady into an official tizzy.

We know that BHO represents all that is good and right with the world, but if Mommy ain't happy then nobody is. You can lead a First Lady to water, but don't get her angry on international television. That glare would have solved the Cuban Missile Crisis all way from Hawaii.

Do we need Denmark as an ally in the war on sardines? Was the selfie strategically intended to build a working relationship with the place that's next to that kind-of important place? Perhaps he slipped an NSA bug onto her Swiss Army knife. There's political motivation for everything these days.