The Unsolved Mystery.

A young man sees lights in the distance, upon further investigation he discovers a depression in the ground, recruiting a couple of friends they decide to dig around, their hopes being that there was something of value buried underground. After just a couple of feet of digging they uncovered a layer of flagstones, digging further they uncovered a layer of timber, for every ten feet they dug, there was another layer of timber.

The Mystery Lives On.

Many people and companies have invested their time and money to try and uncover the hidden treasure, the legend goes that the guys who discovered the site, gave up after going down about 30 feet. After they gave up, other people and companies have tried to solve the mystery of what is buried on this small island, a couple of famous people had also been bitten by the Oak Island mystery.

Famous People Who Were Intrigued by The Oak Island Treasure Mystery.

  1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
  2. John Wayne.
  3. Errol Flynn.

What Was Discovered.

Initially there was layers of timber every ten feet, the deeper they went they found layers of other materials, including coconut and charcoal. At about 90 feet they were rumored to have found a large stone with esoteric writing on it. There have also been barrels/chest dug up, but they held no treasure and only added to the mystery.

Personal Note :

Like all young kids at a certain age, I was fascinated by tales of unsolved mysteries, from stories about the loch ness monster, big foot, aliens to pirates treasure and Atlantis. I used to go to our library and check out all the books on unexplained mysteries of the world. I read about the mystery of the money pit aka the Oak Island Mystery about 30 years ago and sadly do not remember the title of the book, but I did refresh my memory by searching online, this is the site I used to refresh my memory. I remember wondering what on earth could be buried under there and of course how come with all the new fangled thingamajigs we have now, no one can dig it up, yet someone supposedly buried something down there, how on earth did they do it ?

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Latest News.

There is a new series on the history channel ''The Curse of Oak Island'' it is supposed to be a show that is going to try and solve this mystery, I haven't watched it yet, as it hasn't reached us here. But I am dying to watch it :)

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