One of my all time favorite video games is Simon's Quest (Castlevania) on the original NES. As soon as I heard the first few songs from The Dark Tower from Nox Arcana I knew that if they ever did a theatric score for the original video game, it would sound a lot like this. While it is sandwiched into the goth music genre, it is so much more than that. Like other Nox Arcana releases this has a dark tone to it and everything you hear works in perfect harmony. From the haunting backing vocals that are at times operatic to the myriad of instruments used, this is something that makes for great late night listening and is an amazing thing to play for Halloween entertaining.

Tracks: Darkness Rising, Born of the Night, Crimson Thirst, Vasaria, Vesper Tolls, Path of Shadows, Banshee, Ghost at the Gate, Nightwatcher, The Dark Tower, Haunted, Vampire's Kiss, Undying Love, Masque of Sorrow, King of Fools, Something Wicked, Sinister Forces, Immortal Fire, Sorrow's End, Dark Desire, Noctem Aeternus

The story that tells the take of Mara, the dark queen, is just as intrinsic as the music that Vargo created for it. "Legends say the Tower was once the ancient fortress of the Dark Queen, Mara, and her infernal legions. Other tales tell of a warrior knight, once a man, but now an immortal creature of darkness who stands vigil over the fallen queen's tomb." Those are the opening lines of the track that sets the stage for the entire tale. One of the best things about the story is that it follows the same creation line as other Nox Arcana releases; it gives you basic information and you 'fill in the blanks' with your imagination.

If you like operatic movements, the dark goth style or are just looking for something to listen to while reading, this is worth checking out. I would compare it to Darklore Manor and Shadow of The Raven (both Nox Arcana releases) but the storyline for this is deeper and darker than others.

Photo: Nox Arcana

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