In St Albans, Herts, England a novice who was using a metal detector for the first time dug up gold coins of the Roman period worth more than £ 100,000 (about 153,600 USD). Wesley Carrington saw video clips on metal detection on the YouTube and spent £135 and bought a metal detector from a shop in Berkhampstead thinking that he would give it a try. The metal detector was just a basic one, but after using it for 20 minutes on his first search in the woodlands near St.Albans, Herts, he dug up 55 gold coins of the Roman period, dating back more than 1,600 years.

At first the local authorities thought it was a stunt but a further search made by them unearthed another haul of 104 gold coin s belonging to the Roman period. After an inquest the matter has been passed on to the British Museum for estimating on the items.

The earlier haul of gold coins will be shared between Wesley Carrington and the landowner.