Hello Guys I Just want to share this application on how to reset your Norton internet security.

Just Follow this Instructions: ++++++++++++

  1. If Norton is installed and [expired], then [Uninstall] Norton. (If Norton is installed but has not expired, then skip to Step 4)

  2. Restart your computer and run the Norton Trial Reset and choose [ Purge Norton ]

  3. Install Norton.

  4. Open Norton Internet Security Panel > Click on Setting > product security then Disable [ Norton Product Tamper Protection ]

  5. On your toolbar right click on Norton Internet Security Icon and Disable Anti Virus Auto Protect.

  6. if Norton is scanning or updating, then stop it.

  7. Now your ready to go, restart your computer in safe mode. Click on NTR and run as administrator.

a. Choose [ A. Normal Reset ] to RESET your Norton to its default trial days


6b. Choose [ B. Convert to 180 days ] to CONVERT :

Norton Anti Virus to 180 days

Norton 360 to 180 days

Norton Internet Security to 180 days

(+) Apply Norton Trial Reset in Safe Mode ONLY IF you want to convert norton to 180 trial days

How to get in Safe Mode

Windows 7 Keep on pressing F8 while PC Reboots

Windows 8 Type msconfig in search and select safe mode, apply, ok and restart.

when exit from safe mode type msconfig in search and unselect safe mode, apply and restart.

Download Here!!!


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