Disclaimer: while this story is true (although slightly amended to protect the innocent!) I do point out that the ‘person’ involved in the story was very young!

Many years ago in a sea-side resort in South Wales (Barry Island) a young man was enjoying the wonderful sun, the beautiful beach and the relatively warm water. His sand castle towered over his older brother and despite the incoming tide, I looked like the walls and turrets would survive for another hour or two!

After eating his fill of chips and gravy from the traditional newspaper wrapping, he decided to be a good citizen and place the residue of his meal in the waste paper basket! However, as he approached the garbage basket he was overcome by a sudden urge to, well let us say, get rid of the surplus food!

He ran past the waste basket straight into the public toilets – as he was only dressed in his Speedos he tried not to notice the wetness of the floor as he ran into the stall! Two minutes later and he was feeling very refreshed! Suddenly though he wished the floor would swallow him up – there was no toilet paper in the stall! With the Speedos down at his ankle he refused to go to a different stall so called out for help!

To his horror no one was in the room with him – after two minutes he began to get desperate! His parents would be worried! He looked down – he couldn’t use his Speedos as everyone would know – sadly he had not worn socks so they couldn’t be his savior!

What would he do? Eureka – looking down he spotted the discarded newspaper from his meal – he was saved!!! Wiping himself was a little ‘rough’ and he probably had letters imprinted on his behind, but at least his socks were saved!

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