I woke up at 5:45 this morning and looked out my window. I didn’t see any snow, as I expected and checked the news website for my city to check on school closings. When I had gone to bed last night, there were a couple schools beginning to close and this morning there was a long list. My school hadn’t made an announcement, so I made coffee and turned on my computer to get work done while waiting for the official announcement. For some reason I didn’t get the alert, but it was posted on facebook that my school was closed. I’m not sure why I didn’t get the automated phone call since I have every time before.

With an unexpected day off, I plan on utilizing it to get some more odds and ends done. I was going to take a package to mail off today, but with impending snow, it won’t get mailed until tomorrow at the earliest. I also want to make some carrot cake cupcakes today (or make something to celebrate the snow day?) If I get the inspiration, my craft room needs some reorganization and getting a couple more things out and either for sale or moving it to the goodwill pile will clear out some space. I wanted to call and get my new auto insurance started, but the office my car insurance is in is closed, so I won’t get it done until tomorrow.

The snow still hasn’t started yet, but every weather station is saying its still coming. A city an hour from us just announced they’re seeing snow, so it can’t be too far behind, since we’re supposed to get the worst of it. Hopefully it doesn’t end up being a “snow day with no snow” day again! If we’re going to have a snow day, there should be snow!