Most of my friends know that I crochet, and that, along with a group of ladies on Facebook, I make comfort-ghans for families all over the country who have gone through a recent tragedy or in need of a warm hug for whatever reason. They are made up of granny squares that are made by me and the other ladies in the group, which we then stitch together into an afghan or baby blanket, depending on the recipient.

From now on, though, I will be calling mine Meme Squares.

It’s a beautiful, sunny Saturday, so I decided to take my ‘stick and string’ outside to make a few more granny squares for the current project, and my mind started wandering in between working my hook and throwing a bone for one neurotic Jack Russell Terrier. I pondered the term ‘granny square’, and decided I don’t like it. I’m sure it came about because it’s a basic square crochet pattern that has been handed down from someone’s grandmother through generations and generations, but I think I’ll personalize it just a bit. They’re my squares, so I can call them whatever I want.

My younger son and his wife blessed me with my first grandchild in November, and when trying to figure out what each grandmother would like to be known as by our granddaughter, I chose to go with Meme, in honor of my French-Canadienne heritage. Granny sounds too hillbilly for me, and since I’ve taken back use of my full maiden name, Meme is a better fit.

So from now on, I will be crocheting the same squares that I have always made, but those coming from the work of my hands will be hereinafter known as Meme Squares. Because I can.

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